123 Reg Review: How Does This Huge UK Brand Stack Up?


On the surface, 123 Reg is a shared hosting company. You can pay a small monthly fee to share a server with lots of other companies, and the performance is still solid. However, quite a few other services and tools are offered. These include tools related to security, backups, web design, and more.

Check out some of the primary offerings from 123 Reg:

  • Cloud Backup and Sitelock for keeping your site safe and ensuring that you can reboot your site if anything goes wrong
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Domain names with the option to bulk order or get a free .UK domain name if you buy hosting through 123 Reg
  • Email hosting so that you can communicate with your customers and have a professional (i.e. domain-based) email address
  • Email marketing tools
  • One-click installations for things like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal
  • website builder offering impressive templates and tools to create an e-commerce website or a standard business site
  • A wide variety of website templates for getting the ball rolling
  • An area to manage your pay-per-click ads

123 Reg review



123 Reg offers a variety of web hosting plans from which you can choose.


With 123 Reg’s entry-level hosting option, you can choose from four different plans. The plans vary in the number of domain names included, websites supported, and disk space and database allocation.

If you would like a WordPress-friendly option, all but the most basic plan would fit your needs.

123 Reg only bundles SSL certificates with the two top-level plans, but fortunately, all plans come with unlimited bandwidth.


For those who want more than basic web hosting, 123 Reg offers Premium Hosting, which the company describes as “superfast, super-reliable hosting built to handle even the mightiest of websites.”

At this level, there are three different plans from which you can choose. You can think of these plans as managed VPS hosting (or even cloud hosting) options. 123 Reg is responsible for most, if not all, of the work required to manage or maintain the server, but you do get access to a control panel to handle tasks related to your hosting and website.

The downside to this setup is less control over your server; the upside is that you have to do less when it comes to server administration.

Premium hosting plans come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.


123 Reg offers hosting plans catering to users of the WordPress, Joomla, and Magento content management systems (CMS). While the number of plans you can choose are limited (two), what you do get is an easy-to-use environment that has been preconfigured to support your CMS.

All plans come with a free domain and email services, backup and restoration services, one-click setup, unmetered bandwidth, and site migration assistance.


123 Reg also sells Virtual Private Servers as an alternative to shared hosting.

A VPS is a more advanced version of shared hosting, where you still share a server with multiple companies, but the number of websites on the server is usually limited to a smaller batch.

Furthermore, you gain access to tools and more advanced control panel modules, similar to what you would get with a dedicated server.

123 Reg doesn’t offer any dedicated servers, so a VPS is the most advanced you can get here. Basically, the VPS is a little more expensive than shared hosting, while remaining much cheaper than a private server.


123 Reg offers shared hosting plans that are packed with solid features, yet the company still keeps prices low across the board.

Shared hosting is almost always pretty cheap on a month-to-month basis, but 123 Reg seems to be an industry leader in keeping costs low. Not only that, but the bandwidth is unlimited for all shared hosting plans, and you get a free UK domain name to go along with your plan. Some higher-tier plans even provide multiple domain names.

That said, let’s take a look at the features you can expect with the most popular shared hosting packages:

  • Free UK domain names for branding your site and giving your company an online name
  • Free personalized email accounts to match your company and domain names
  • Linux-based hosting for high performance and speed at all times
  • A one-click WordPress installation button for launching your site within seconds
  • Support for programming languages like PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby
  • Support for at least one website. This goes all the way up to unlimited websites depending on your package
  • Lots of web space to store all of your files
  • Unlimited bandwidth to support increases in traffic
  • Support for MySQL databases
  • A free SSL with select plans. This includes regular backups of your site to protect your information at all times
  • Hosting that allows for multiple sites on the same server
  • Fast loading times to boost your SEO and make your customers happy
  • A control panel that’s made for both beginners and those who need more technical features
  • Various Linux apps for things like WordPress, OSCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, and MediaWiki
  • Some plans include a JavaScript generator
  • Around 100 professional website templates for getting your design ready
  • Both simple and advanced website stats.

As you can see, each of the shared hosting plans includes several additional features that often aren’t offered by competing hosting companies.

Now let’s say you’d like to select one of these shared hosting plans and checkout. Are you going to have to pay a monthly fee or is it all upfront?

As with many hosting providers, the pricing is quoted as monthly on the website, but you eventually have to pay for a full year upfront. This is one of the downsides of 123 Reg, since it’s nice to be able to choose maybe a six-month plan. Or maybe you’d like to save a little money and lock down three years of hosting. That doesn’t seem to be possible when going through 123 Reg.

123 Reg review



As you move through the checkout process and decide on your hosting plan, you can expect to see a few upsells that you can either skip or pay for. VAT is billed separately.

Some of the upsells include:

  • Office 365 Business: this has everything from Excel to Word, so you can typically save a little bit of money by buying the suite through 123 Reg instead of through Microsoft
  • Cloud backups: emails, documents, photos, and other files are all backed up through this service
  • Domain transfer: if you already have a domain and would like to move it to 123 Reg, there’s an option to do so depending on the type of domain you have. Some domain names are completely free, but others will cost you a bit of cash
  • Domain privacy: when publishing a website and buying hosting you have to give your personal information. This information is attached to your website for anyone to look up. Ideally, this would only be useful for people maybe trying to buy your site or contact you for business. However, it often results in spam. If you pay for domain privacy, your info is protected.
  • Website Builder: you get this with 123 Reg’s hosting plans, but some people might want to take advantage of the website builder as a standalone service.

If you decide not to go with a hosting plan, 123 Reg still sells things like the website builder, domain names, and email hosting. Depending on the domain name you select, you could end up spending very little each year. However, pricing can go up to significantly if you choose one that’s already owned.

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