Hostpapa Review 2018

If you are looking for a hosting solution which is ideal for a personal website or a small business, you may want to take a look at hostpapa. Let’s take an in-depth look at all they have to offer.

They currently host more than 500,000 websites and specialize in offering low-cost, no-frills shared hosting and vps plans.

Their closest competitor is probably greengeeks, who i think is slightly better than hostpapa.

Quick facts about hostpapa
Plans are reasonably priced and in line with industry standards. You can get started at a monthly promotional rate of just $2.95. When the promotional rate expires, the starter plan costs only $5.99 per month.
All plans feature unlimited bandwidth.
Domain name registration is free with hosting.
The starter plan is missing a lot of key features which are included at the higher tiers, but you do have the option of purchasing those features independently as add-ons to your plan.
You get a free website builder included with your plan, which includes an easy-to-use control panel.
A wide variety of apps are supported for blogging, images, wiki, polls, and more.
E-commerce features are available.
Customer support is available via telephone, live chat, and e-mail.
There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans.
Free marketing offers add value to your plan. This is especially helpful if you are running a small business website or a webshop.
Hostpapa guarantees 99.9% uptime.
Web hosting plans and pricing
Now let’s check out the different plans hostpapa offers. On hostpapa, you can choose between a shared hosting plan and a vps plan.

Shared hosting is the least expensive option and ideal for most personal websites and small businesses. If however, you would like a little more control and flexibility, you can opt for a more expensive vps plan.

A vps plan, like shared hosting, has you using the same hardware as other customers. Your hosting runs on a virtual private server, however, which provides the same kind of functionality that you would get if you were renting the actual server hardware. Think of it as “dedicated hosting lite.”

Shared hosting plans
Hostpapa offers three tiers of shared hosting plans:

Starter: $2.95 per month starting rate, $5.99 per month after that.
Business: $2.95 per month starting rate, $9.99 per month after that.
Business pro: $12.95 per month starting rate, $18.99 per month after that.
With the starter plan, you can host up to two websites. With the business or business pro plans, you can host as many sites as you wish. At the starter level, you get 100 gb of disk space. Disk space is unlimited at the top two tiers.

Hostpapa plans

With all three plans, you get unlimited bandwidth, free domain registration, and 24/7 ftp access. All plans also come with email accounts and security features such as a firewall and ongoing monitoring.

If you would like automated backups or an ssl certificate, you will need to pay extra at the lower two tiers. These features are however included at the top level.

All of the apps and e-commerce features are included at all levels.

Website design tools are also available at every tier. However, you gain functionality at the higher levels which is not available in the starter tier.

Billing cycles
One thing you need to know about all of the shared hosting plans on hostpapa is that the billing cycle you choose has an impact on the price that you pay. Not only that, but there is, unfortunately, no option to pay on a monthly basis. So with the starter plan for example, if you want the $5.99 rate each month, you need to be willing to pay a total of $215.64 upfront to cover the cost of hosting for three years. If you opt to pay 24 months at a time, the cost comes out to $6.99 per month. The lowest amount you can pay at one time is $95.88. This covers a 12 month period and comes out to $7.99 per month.

This is quite inconvenient, and i can find no indication that there is any free trial. The closest thing is a 30-day money-back guarantee. A lot of website owners will not want to take the risk of putting down a year’s payment on a service that they are still on the fence about.

Aside from the billing cycle issues, however, there is not much regarding pricing to cause complaint.

The prices are relatively low even after the promotional period ends.

Vps plans
Now let’s talk about the vps hosting plans hostpapa offers. There are three different tiers available here as well. For all of them, you may choose between a linux or a windows-based environment. The only snag is that the windows-based plans are substantially more expensive than the linux-based plans.

Hostpapa vps features

Here are the linux vps plans:

Vps-plus: $9.99 to start with, $49.99 per month after that.
Vps-pro: $39.99 to start with, $79.99 per month after that.
Vps-premium: $109.99 to start with, $149.99 per month after that.
All plans levels include 2 ip addresses and unlimited bandwidth, as well as cpanel/whm. You get four cores of cpu power at the plus level, and eight cores at the pro and premium levels. Ram starts at 1.5 gb and goes as high as 6.0 gb. Disk space starts at 50 gb and runs up to 200 gb at the top level. All plans include $175 in free marketing credits.

Here are the windows vps plans:

Vps-plus: $39.99 your first month, $79.99 per month after that.
Vps-pro: $89.99 your first month, $129.99 after that.
Vps-premium: $159.99 your first month, $199.99 after that.
These plans are the same as the linux plans regarding cpu power, ram, disk space, and bandwidth. All of them include unlimited ftp accounts, $175 in marketing credits, and 2 ip addresses.

Ecommerce features
Hostpapa can be integrated with os commerce cart or zencart shopping cart, both of which are included at all plan levels. At all plan tiers, you can accept payments through paypal. This is excellent, as there are many hosting sites which do not offer ecommerce features at the lower levels.

Hostpapa ecommerce features

The marketing credits are also significant if you are setting up an online store since you can use them to advertise your business for free on google, facebook, bing, and amazon. This should help you get off to a great start.

If you get one of the top two tiers of shared hosting, hostpapa will also provide you with email marketing software called hostpapa connect. You can add this on at the lowest level, but you do need to pay extra for it.

Security features
All accounts include a server firewall, monitoring, and intrusion detection as well as panda cloud antispam protection. At the business pro level, you get a ton of advanced security features.

These include a domain ssl certificate, domain privacy protection, automated website backups, sitelock basic, and a dedicated ip address. You can optionally pay for any of these advanced features at the starter or business levels.