Mike Singletary Says Bears Are Better Than Packers & Vikings, They Can Win The North!


Mike Singletary

Bears Are Better Than Pack & Vikes

… They Can Win The North!

10/3/2018 4:22 PM PDT


Sorry, Aaron Rodgers … your reign as King in the NFC North is over — ’cause the Bears are the best team there now — so says Chicago legend Mike Singletary.

Da Bears just waxed the Bucs 48-10 … and when the greatest LB in Chicago history spoke with TMZ Sports about the W — he told us he’s convinced they’re better than the Packers AND the Vikings.

“At the end of the day, I think the Bears are the most COMPLETE team in that division,” Mike says.

Of course … Detroit’s also in the North — but after their loss to the Cowboys on Sunday … Mike didn’t even bother to mention them in the same conversation.

BTW … we also asked Mike about Chicago’s victory disco ball party — and he told us he loved it, saying you wouldn’t have believed the ways his Super Bowl-winning Bears used to celebrate!!


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